Provide Wifi For The Benefit Of Your Guests

It is imperative that any business that deals with guest services be able to provide efficient mobile connections throughout their facility. With working wifi, business men and women are able to connect with their offices while participating at off-site events. Hotel guests that can take advantage of free hospitality wifi are more likely to enjoy their accommodations and recommend them to others.

To meet the needs of technology dependent guests, hotels are increasingly adding wifi to all interior rooms and outdoor areas. For increased visibility, wifi services may also be available in gym, dining room and around pool areas. Conference rooms for rental often feature wifi for business meetings and on-site classrooms.

Unlike hotels and motels that require guests to bring their laptops to a central area, with working wifi parents are able to provide games and entertainment to children while in their room. This sense of convenience is likely to win more raves on a rainy day than a swimming pool outside or plush couches located inside the hotel lobby.

Working with a company that specializes in wifi services is the first step. However, just setting up internet services is not enough to guarantee success. Hotels should make a point of setting up their wifi services with a team that can provide 24/7 customer service. This lets the front desk phone for support when a guests complains about slow service, or in the event that a sudden storm wipes out mobile services without warning.

Wanaport is a company that provides wifi services and superior network support. Their team members are not only experienced in the most beneficial way to bring wifi to hotels, restaurants and other businesses in the hospitality industry. On the contrary, their services team has been able to provide wifi to such diverse venues as corporate campuses, senior assisted living homes and medical centers.

The Internet solutions team at Wanaport has developed a comprehensive combination of services that adds to its goal of customer support. These include deployment and systems engineering to make sure wifi signals are consistently strong. For more information, visit their website located online at